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Hoje Macau annoucing East Timor exhibition



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Conference "Il Sintomo nel XXI Secolo" in Italy with my instalation on the invitation

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Natália Gromicho proudlyannouces that is now represented in the Asian Market by Artz Space

Live Painting at Dili



"Human Rights" at Díli, East Timor

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2014 "Human Rights" @ Díli (East Timor) - Exhibition

2014 "Human Rights" @ Díli (East Timor) - Live Painting

2014 "Human Rights" @ Díli (East Timor) - Visits


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Stock off opening this friday, 24th October

"Humanity" is now official opened. Click to see the photos

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New Deli, India exhibition "Humanity"

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Through A Glass Darklywill be my first solo at Hay Hill Gallery

Im very pleased to invite to the private view on the 30th September. Email me for details.

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Bordeus 2



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moscovo II

20 anos


20 years of career, i will start a series of exhibitions, starting Moscow, Bordeux and Lisbon to present some of the works selected to each exhibition, to represent all the phases of my work.

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Natália Gromicho for the first time in Russia, Moscow


Natália Gromicho for the first time in Bordeux, France

flyer bordeus

Natália Gromicho in New York, USA:





Natália Gromicho representará Portugal na "The Power of Perception II: International Art in 2014" que se realiza de 03 a 17 de Março em Nova Iorque.

De 03 a 17 de Março 2014 realiza-se em Nova Iorque The Power of Perception II: International Art in 2014 é a segunda mostra anual de arte global com a curadoria da Creative Concept Studios em Nova Iorque, na Soho.

Natália Gromicho, será apresentada nesta exposição, representando Portugal, com suas pinturas contemporâneas. Irá estar presente na noite de abertura, apresentando uma das suas pinturas mais importantes e mais vistas, "Hermafrodita".
Trata-se de uma exposição internacional que caracteriza a arte da Europa, Ásia, Austrália, África e os EUA. Mais uma vez é dada ao espectador uma oportunidade única para explorar as possibilidades de percepção, em todas as suas formas. Não delimitado por definições, cada uma das obras da exposição foi cuidadosamente seleccionada. A exposição rompe com a norma, as bases e convida os espectadores a viajar no campo onde a celebração da arte é o objectivo principal. 
Os curadores da exposição procuram eliminar os limites de memória, história e geografia - dentro da criatividade para fazer um estado de verdadeira contemplação criativa. 
Com uma variedade dinâmica de conclusões estilísticas e temáticas, o visitante permanece conectado com uma natureza reflexiva. Cada obra de arte cria uma pausa visual, permitindo ao público que tenha tempo para contemplar os pensamentos e visão do artista. Incorporando uma grande variedade de técnicas, estilos e temas.
Esta exposição possui uma visão ampla de artistas cujas obras celebram o acto criativo. Desafiando a história da arte e design, este projecto combina os estilos de arte, design e artesanato, cada um testemunho do poder de percepção.
Trata-se de uma exposição de arte única que acontece no mês de feiras de arte de Nova Iorque, que inclui o the ARMORY Art Fair, SCOPE, Pool Art Fair, Art Expo and Volta entre dezenas de outros eventos satélites e exposições.




Pleasure to annouced my next exhibition in Soho, NYC "The Power of Perception II"



New back to Old, 18th February to 31th March at meetiNG art



Nice Interview on ArticulAction, check it!





Italian Magazine Funzione Gamma as selected my work "Festim" for the cover, check it. Sabrina di Cioccio, thank you!



Back to Chiado by Natalia Gromicho

Back to Chiado by Natalia Gromicho. Today, in Natalia weekly section ‘Chiado in colors’ on Yareah magazine.

The return to Lisbon was like awaking from a dream, reality mixed with fiction and this dream was even real.

This contact with the American reality was extremely positive, a new learning that will reflect on my next creation of paintings. I have not had the courage to start creating but it’s coming soon.

This new phase has begun in February and going to New York this has stimulated my new phase of my painting.

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me in NYC, I felt myself like home.

I will soon bring to the readers of Yareah more of my work, thank you all for the support.

“If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.” Anais Nin.

Angels in New York by Natalia Gromicho

My Angels in New York by artist Natalia Gromicho in her weekly section ‘Chiado in Colors’ on Yareah magazine.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Michelangelo.

In New York there are angels, real angels and the proof they exist is they help me in a difficult journey of my Life, introducing me Suzie Maria, the Editorial Coordinator of Creative Concept. She is angel number 1, she was and is a special person who helped me with everything up in this huge city. She is my sister, same sign, so we are twin souls. Angel number 2 is Larule Nelson, Coordinator of Creative Concept, patient with all my issues, driving man, real calm, a brother, a real brother! Angel 3 is Tamara del Estal, a sister from Spain, she is the curator of Creative Concept, a real patient curator, help me with all my live painting, all the issues of the show, Muchas Gracias Chica.

The journey of New York is now on the road, stay tuned for updates.

 ”What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.” William Shakespeare.


My Power of Perception arriving to NYC

I apologize for repeating this theme but I’m very excited to my first trip to NYC, I believe that my art will be well received, all works were carefully created for this exhibition, I hope next week I found you there, to see some art.

The Power of Perception II: International Art in 2014 is the second annual showcase of global art curated by Creative Concept Studios. An international exhibition featuring art from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the US, the Power of Perception once again gives the contemporary art viewer is given a unique opportunity to explore the scope of perception, in all its forms. Unconfined by definitions, each of the works in the exhibition has been carefully selected for there commitment to creativity. The exhibition breaks with the norm and invites the viewers to roam in a field where the celebration of art is the primary goal. The exhibition seeks to eliminate the boundaries of memory, history and geography within creativity in order to make a state of true creative contemplation possible.

With a dynamic assortment of stylistic and thematic conclusions, the artists and their work remains connected by their reflective nature. Each artwork creates a visual pause, allowing the audience the time to contemplate the artist’s thoughts and vision. Incorporating a wide array of mediums, styles and subject matter, The Power of Perception possesses a broad vision of artists whose works celebrate the creative act in its purest form. Challenging the categorizing of mediums and styles, this project blends modes of art, design, and craft, each a testament to the Power of Perception.


Artist Natalia Gromicho represents Portugal in New York. The Power of Perception II

Posted On 12 Feb 2014

Artist Natalia Gromicho represents Portugal in New York. The Power of Perception II: International Art in 2014. March 3rd-17th, 2014.

The Power of Perception II: International Art in 2014 is the second annual showcase of global art curated by Creative Concept Studios.

Natália Gromicho, the Portuguese artist will be presented in this exhibition and will represent her country Portugal, with her contemporary paintings. She will attempt to the opening night, and she will be presenting one of her most important and most viewed painting, “Hermaphrodite”.

An international exhibition featuring art from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the US. Once again the viewer is given a unique opportunity to explore the scope of perception, in all its forms. Unconfined by definitions, each of the works in the exhibition has been carefully selected for there commitment to creativity. The exhibition breaks with the norm and invites the viewers to roam in a field where the celebration of art is the primary goal. The curators of the exhibition seek to eliminate the boundaries of memory, history and geography-within creativity-in order to make a state of true creative contemplation possible. With a dynamic assortment of stylistic and thematic conclusions, the artists and their work remains connected by their reflective nature. Each artwork creates a visual pause, allowing the audience the time to contemplate the artist’s thoughts and vision. Incorporating a wide array of mediums, styles and subject matter, The Power of Perception possesses a broad vision of artists whose works celebrate the creative act. Challenging the history of art and design, this project blends modes of art, design, and craft, each a testament to the Power of Perception.

This unique display of art takes place as part of the NYC Art fairs month, which includes the ARMORY Art Fair, SCOPE, Pool Art Fair, Art Expo and Volta among dozens of other satellite events and exhibitions.

Curated by Concept Studios.




New back to Old is ready to Chiado!

After the experience of my friends’ artists at the exhibition Downtown Chiado 14, it´s now time to show my first exhibition this year, “New back to Old” which highlights the return to Portugal of several works, including “Hermaphrodite”, which is the work´s most sawed of my creation. 

This work marks a phase of my career, has been shown throughout Portugal, was in Australia and returned to Portugal, along with the “Ambient” collection that had exposed four years in Brazil and now comes home.

Anyone visiting this exhibition can enjoy all the works that were in Miami, Brazil and Australia and even the works that have been created this year.

“New back to old” will be at meetiNG art Chiado, until day 30th March

The work for this week exhibition is a work under construction as you may see and we will be finished during the weeks of this exhibition, so stay tuned.

Chiado see and feel. DC14 – The experience

Downtown Chiado 14 arrived to blast and by opening day I can say it was superb. This exhibition reflects different sensitivities, different experiences of each artist. I hope the public can visit the exhibition and the exhibition itself feel it apart to see, we have here also a part that is for people to feel, an experience you should enjoy.

The presence of artists from Mexico is a majority , “Painting for the Blind” created by Lilian Hicel, where the artist has created work for the blind and is having a lot of international reviews. From Mexico is still possible to appreciate the works of Emmanuel Vazquez, Osram and Adriana Acevedo Torres. Emmanuel Vazquez revealed that “his work conveys the will to fight for love, for life, a man who wants to deliver” as Osram Acevedo shared that “his work is inspired by the constellations and represents one” adding that as Painter “love , life and women” are your greatest source of inspiration”. Adriana Torres speaks that “it is very important to be a disclosure of our work and that people will see” adding that his work is marked by “traits wide”. From Spain you can appreciate works of INC and Juana Del Pozo, France is the photographer Saint Hilier Eponine, the United States of artists Domingo Parada and Susie McKay Krieser and Brazil Stella Gomide. Stella revealed that her work “was inspired by nature, because where I live, São Paulo, in front of my house has a park and it was that inspired me”.

Im very excited with all the share of experience, stay tunned, I will share more details soon.


Lisbon, a City with Light

Although the weather is the worst in the most recent times, Lisbon remains a city with a unique light.

Recently, the city was considered one of the most beautiful in the world, one of the features that I think is a wonderful, is the light that is felt mainly in Chiado.

Is the magic in the 7 hills, is the Castle, is the Downtown! Everything is different in the old part of the town, it seems that every day is completely new, every day we find something we do not know until then, there is someone that passes, someone is looking, someone is asking … I confess that for me is always an adventure, there is always a reason to express myself in the canvas, it’s the people, is the weather, is the Light.

My inspiration is closely related to the light, especially in the morning.

I can share with you that is in the morning that i do my work, I find there it is the perfect time to express what is in my soul.

I’ll start creating a new era in my painting in the next days, I feel I need to jump higher, to reach a new point in my career.

It is in Lisbon that ‘ll get my inspiration in my roots , that’s where I’ll go back now.


Chiado in Colors. “O Cacilheiro” by Natalia Gromicho

Chiado in Colors. “O Cacilheiro” by artist Natalia Gromicho. From Lisbon with Love!

Another dream come true, a work of large dimensions, in the oldest fine art shop of Portugal , Casa Ferreira that exists since 1925, and served several generation of artists.
Given the success of other work that was in the window of this shop , now the shop owner asked to be placed my larger work , with 200x180cm and so occupy the storefront, with greater visibility , exclusively with the my work ” O Cacilheiro “.
“O Cacilheiro ” was my tribute to the boat that runs between Lisbon and the south side, since I made this travel for so many years, I thought I should pay homage to him and created this piece. It was a painting that gave me a lot of work, not only by the size he have, but I wanted to put some unique details.
These weeks have been intense, meetiNG Art Chiado has received a lot of visits, as is the end of Stock OFF and perhaps this is why art lovers passing through Lisbon , want to visit and get in touch with the work of Natalia Gromicho.
The rain should keep people away from Chiado´s streets, but on the contrary, we see a lot of Umbrellas in the air, a lot of coats, a lot of persons visiting Chiado.


World Contemporary Artists will arrive to Chiado in February

These last days have been completely insane! The Paintings are arriving every day, works of artists from all around the world are arriving to the gallery, Downtown Chiado is almost seeing the light of day…

My first experience as a curator was very interesting, Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition was the first International exhibition that i collaborated in October last year. The contact with the artists, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas was very enriching for me as an artist, and as a person.

All the work behind the exhibition is magical, very intense, a lot of work to organize but the result is always very positive.

We will be receiving artists from Brazil , Mexico , USA , Portugal , France and Spain, as their embassies, it is very important to me that embassies support the artists , so that they feel encouraged to continue the artistic journey.

For all readers of this article, I invite to visit Lisbon, visit Chiado on 1st February to Downtown Chiado, in Meeting Art Gallery and bring your taste for art and let yourself be carried away by magic.



Frosty Day, Winter came to Chiado

Hot inspiration, try to save the enthusiasm. Is really cold, the sea is very chopped and there are risks of death everywhere. With all this I still have some ideas for my works. Winter has its natural beauty, but the danger is always lurking, as is the beautiful and the ugly, as safety and danger, a natural polarity.

Chiado´s winter is different, it seems that is protected from the rest of Lisbon, also raining but the rain is different , it seems that falls softly , cold does not seem to be so intense … There is music, like every day , but now it seems to warm people who passes by…

I’ll start painting old instruments; it’s a way for me to keep warm. Music has always been and will be my great inspiration, even in frigid days like today.
To begin, I will start painting the string instruments such as the piano, the contrabass is in itself works of art for its beauty and sound them out. Then follow the battery and all who come from my soul to the canvas. I call your attention, all instruments are with the marks of time, Its my tribute to the music, that inspired me all my life.
Bach is and will be my inspiration, I love the Baroque period! The Harpsichord is next and then came the others, and others…

Posted On 09 Jan 2014



Chiado – The Neighborhood

Being in Chiado gives me opportunity to have nearby shops of a wide range near my gallery. Wine Spot Premium is a high recommended and respected Wine House located in Garrett Street, in Chiado.

Paulo Neto is the owner of the shop, and as invite me, to be the first artist to associate wine to the art, that in some way is the same because wine is also a art.

Associating my work with a Premium Wine House was a very challenged proposal, the resulted as been very good, I had several positive reviews, I had the opportunity, with this experience to reach a different pubic and for me, that’s evolution.

After this year, the first in Lisbon based, Chiado gave me the visibility I ever wanted, I feel that there are people who understand what I do, to me is an achievement of life and motivation to continue, doing my work.

This next year,2014, is a year of great change, a lot of work is coming, besides all international exhibitions to come, which i must say they are very important, like in the U.S. , Europe and Asia with several solo exhibitions, I have also my gallery to run, meetiNG art Chiado, that will also receive 4 international exhibitions, next in February called Downtown Chiado 14 and the return of the 2nd edition of the Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition are some of the projects .

I wish a happy New year to all Yareah readers.



This year 2013 the sky became brighter with the star of Mandela

This year 2013 the sky became brighter with the star of Mandela. Today, in the weekly section of Natália Gromicho on Yareah. Merry Christmas, friends.

Casa Ferreira (Fine Art Shop in Chiado, Lisbon)

Nelson Mandela said his country was a rainbow. Color ceased to exist in humans, from now on, the human being is no longer defined by color, is defined by your actions to others, DO NOT DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT FOR YOU!

This is the principle of equality, the end of all wars. This star shines brighter in the sky, Mandela is still sending his hope against inequality, inhumanity.

This inspired me, I painted a canvas and I was invited to show the work it in a window of a neighboring Fine art shop, very near for my gallery, meetiNG Art Gallery in Chiado.

On the canvas, all colors are represented, symbolizing humanity, the planet.

Christmas came to Chiado, meetiNG art as received this week, a young man of 19 years old with his allowance, invested in my work. Bought a painting for him, one for her sister and finally one for the family, wanting with this, that her younger sister started her taste for art .

Tomas, his name. Thank you! See you soon for more art acquired at meetiNG Art Gallery, where all people have access to the art, in Chiado.



"Chiado in Colors is the name of the article that the Portuguese artist Natalia Gromicho signs weekly in the NY´s Yareah Magazine. Here is the first article, available every Thursday! Congratulations Natalia Gromicho"

Chiado in Colors with Natália Duro Gromicho. “Stock Off”, meetiNG art Chiado

Chiado in Colors with Natália Duro Gromicho. ”Stock Off”, meetiNG art Chiado

fotografia Chiado in Colors with Natália Duro Gromicho. Stock Off, meetiNG art Chiado

Meeting in Lisbon with Natália Duro Gromicho. “Stock Off”, meetiNG art Chiado

Chiado by this time, smells like Christmas. With my current exhibition “Stock Off”, meetiNG art Chiado presents to Lisbon´s all visitors the access to the art world.

The price range is very wide, to make the artworks accessible to all, that is the motto of the gallery. I have received numerous visits and sold some works, my recent sale was “Piano with background study”, which was the immediate choice of a Latin American collector that visit me in the gallery and fell in love with work still being completed.

Christmas is approaching and more people may still choose the perfect gift. A work of art is priceless! Stock Off is the opportunity.

The music is my greatest inspiration. After the piano, I followed” the jazz musicians” that I applied on canvas and will continue to do so until i exhaust the vast topic … I LOVE MUSIC.

fotografia 1 Chiado in Colors with Natália Duro Gromicho. Stock Off, meetiNG art Chiado



Agora it´s a cultural tv show, here is my exhibtion presented.



Article on Lux Woman Magazine, a portuguese Lifestyle Magazine

click to read


Wine Spot Chiado invites all to my next exhibition


Yareah Magazine


Galart ES article


"Stock off" Natalia´s next exhibition in Lisbon during December


Collective exhibition in galleria Gli Eroici Furori Milano in honor of Giordano Bruno  

Click here to see photos of the event

Grazie Miele



Read it on ISSUU here


Golden Lifestyle


Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition Catalog




Rtro Magazine #23 Natália Gromicho interview. A special thanks to Margarida Cunha.




Natália Gromicho on Human Rights? 2013 #Migrantes, a special exhibition curated by Roberto Ronca

28th September until 06 January

Yareah Magazine article about Natália´s participation


Memory Box from 19th August until 6th September




Interview on the portuguese National Radio Antena 1, for my participation on Human Rights



Natália Gromicho is going to represent Portugal on the international exhibition Human Rights? 2013, curated by Roberto Ronca.

Always sexually enslaved. Rape happens mainly be in less developed countries, where women are treated like animals. Stop this crime! It's a shame.


Click on the image to read. 


Very honored to announce my participation in Human Rights 2013, international exhibition curated by Roberto Ronca. Vernissage will take place 10th August.

This edition of ‘HUMAN RIGHTS?’ will be held at Ex Convento dei Francescani Neri in Specchia, considered one of the most gorgeous small towns in Italy. The vernissage will be held 10th, august, 2013; it will be involved in the ‘White Night’ events of Specchia at 12th, august.



Article on Galart, Spain Art Contemporary Magazine.


press on SAMPA exhibition




Lisbon Agenda for May 13



Interview in Deepart Magazine, check it out



Honored to be invited to exhibit my work in LX Factory, OPEN DAY is on 10th May don´t miss

here is the agenda, click to view


New article about meetING art gallery on New York Yareah Magazine. Click on the image to see the all article.




Here is the article on the Wall Street International. Click here to see the original article.




Next and NEWEST exhibition called "Singularidades Humanas", a collection of 12 new works that i will show @ Galeria Municipal de Estarreja next 16th, 3PM

Some press about this exhibition


Here is the the Interview on TV Record.

Interview in 5EBI International Broadcast Radio in Adelaide, soon will be available the interview


Portuguese newspapers:


Natalia Gromicho expõe no Adelaide Fringe Festival

A artista portuguesa Natalia Gromicho vai apresentar uma exposição de pintura no Adelaide Fringe Festival, na Austrália, que decorre de sexta-feira a 17 de março, anunciou a organização do certame....

O festival australiano, dedicado a várias formas artísticas, desde o teatro, dança, música, a exposições de artes plásticas, acolhe a exposição da artista portuguesa, intitulada "Human Being" ("Ser Humano"), a partir de 22 de fevereiro, data em que é inaugurada.

A mostra vai reunir 11 pinturas de Natalia Gromicho na The Exhibitionist Art Gallery, em Adelaide.

Nascida em 1977, em Lisboa, Natália Gromicho frequentou o curso de Pintura da Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, e também o curso de pintura da Escola de Arte Independente Ar.Co, de Lisboa.

Dedica-se exclusivamente à pintura desde 1995, e participou em mais de 40 exposições individuais e coletivas, tanto em Portugal como no estrangeiro.

A mostra da artista portuguesa está inscrita no conjunto de uma centena de exposições de arte no festival de Adelaide, entre as quais constam a mostra de Paul McDermott, "The Dark Garden", e a do designer de posters Andy Petrusevics, que apresentará um trabalho intitulado "Mitzie: Modern Icon".

A vasta programação do Adelaide Fringe Festival incluirá programas de circo, dança irlandesa, um espetáculo criado por artistas alemães, sob o tema do surrealismo e uma peça de um grupo de teatro islandês, entre os 930 eventos previstos.

Na edição deste ano do Fringe constam espetáculos dedicados à expressão da cultura aborígene, um festival de teatro de rua, e um certame dedicado à comédia, com mais de 250 apresentações de artistas como Jimoin, Judith Lucy, Denise Scott, Arj Barker, Danny Bhoy, Hanah Gadsby, Frank Woodley e Kitty Flanagan.

Lusa, texto publicado por Paula Mourato

Other press from the exhibition


Trouble Magazine Article about Australia exhibition.

Excellent work from Cassandra Scalzi, Curator of "Human Being, Art Critic and Owner of The Exhibitionist Gallery.

Here is the link for the Trouble Mag Ed. Feb 13



Press on the newspaper "Mundo Português"


Invite all to my next exhibition "Human Being" @ The Exhibitionist Art Gallery, Adelaide South Australia next 22nd February 6PM

This exhibition is curated by Cassandra Scalzi



Next exhibition media Coverage of Adelaide Fringe Festival. Thanks for Cassandra Sclazi, she is the Curator of "Human Being" and she is making a wonderful work. Thanks Cass you are the one!


This is Ramon Casalé, Member of International Association of  Art Critics  (AICA) that made his critic about my work.

"I find Natalia Gromicho´s work very interesting, an expressionist style in which figuration and abstraction merge. Colour and shape appear in most of her works, but also as a form of surrealism to show an incoherent reality, which is also present in her pictorial works.

Gromicho, through the human figure, aims to teach the concerns, issues and reflections which happen to every human being in their immediate surroundings. They are not always pleasant scenes, as the appearing protagonists, at some point show hostile and aggressive postures. In contrast, if we look at the primal position, the Portuguese artist has an attitude more expectant, as though, the animals are observing our movements. The colour indicates the intangibility of their proposals, since they are not real shades at all, but rather appeal more to the expressionist idea of colour, from which the most intimate feelings are reflected in all its magnitude.

Also, the female nudes, who star in some of her works, are more reminiscent of the mannequins we see in a fashion showcase, not animated beings, approaching the metaphysical world of De Chirico or surreal Wifredo Lam. The chrome background with primary hues, are balanced against the white of naked bodies, indicating that the artist is more interested in protecting the most intimate aspects of human beings.

As for the part where abstraction takes preference, we see the real Natalia Gromicho, in her most raw state, because her intention is to express herself with the most freedom, without too many considerations and ensuring that her proposals comply more with a European, expressionist style, rather than to action painting.

In conclusion, Natalia Gromicho, has cemented a firm value in the European art scene with a strong and consistent presence, which indicates a great professionalism, as does her varied exhibitions held throughout Europe, as well as in other continents”

Ramon Casalé
Member of International Association of Art Critics (AICA)


Here is the official flyer of "Human Being", individual exhibition in Australia, curated by Cassandra Scalzi @ the Exhibitionist Gallery 22nd February 2013





Happy new year for everybody!

Here is the Fringe Festival Catalog, where is my next exhibition @ Australia




See Vernissage photos here

WTECA Miami 2012, Natalia Gromicho will be present on the Vernissage.

Click on the invitation and see the full catalog.


Thanks to Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and TVI Portuguese TV Station, to promote my exhibition in Italy, Roverto.

Here is the video


Press about Aveiro exhibition

Here it is the exhibition photos, press material. click here to view


Human Rights 2012 @ Trento, Italy. See all the Vernissage photos, click here


Official Poster about the cinema exhibition "Cinema History 4" @ Povoa de Varzim

Press about Santarem exhibition



Next exhibition next Saturday, 21st July @ Centro Cultural do Bom Sucesso, Alverca. Also some vernissage photos, check it out



Here is the invitation for my first exhibition on Brazil, São Paulo and some vernissage photos on the first day, click here




Next Vernissage of "Modos de Ver" is @ Povoa de Varzim 08/06

See the photos here

Interview in local Radio Onda Viva. Portuguese Version. It´s the last new click here.





Portuguese press for Human Rights 2012


Some press preview about next vernissage @ Albufeira




Nacional Television promoting my exhibition in Cascais

Press Articles about "As minhas Paixões" @ Casa da Guia - Cascais

Here is my first exhibition in Italy, Its called Human Rights 2012 curated by Roberto Ronca

@ Leece - 28/04 - Vernissage


One of the Human Rights 2012 video, check it out!


"Human Rights 2012" my first exhibition in Italy @ Spazio Tempo Arte, curated by Roberto Ronca

@ Leece - 28th April

@ Trento - 15th September


Press article for "Kizz me"



First "Esquisite by Triplic'Arte - Live performence



Here is one of the live acts on this event, presenting Natalia Gromicho & Pedro Martins



Press coverage about "Caos" on National TV @ Tonight News.

See all the Vernissage photos, press coverage in HERE

30th March Vernissage, here are the photos

2nd International Art Show at Vieira Portuense's Galery

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Interview @ Local Radio "Elvas" about my exhibition "Modos de Ver" (Ways of seeing)




March "Modos de Ver" @ Vila Viçosa,


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February "Modos de Ver" @ Elvas, 11/02

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January "Modos de ver"  @ Covilhã

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Here is the Article about Natália Gromicho work from Russian Art Dealers, on S4 Gallery Art Magazine. Jun 2011, now in English

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Natalia Gromicho - artist from Portugal

“A brief moment to tell you that my art is my soul.”


Today we would like to introduce you a very interesting, unusual, expressive artist who lives in Portugal.


Natália Gromicho was born in Lisbon - Portugal and she´s living in Almada. She studied Arts & Crafts – Ceramics and also Intensive Painting in ArCo School.

Natalia Gromicho regularly participates in exhibitions and open to new creative projects. This is indicated by the facts:

-          Made a Sculpture course with Cuban artist Hans Varela and also several painting workshops until now.

-          More than 30 solo and group exhibitions all around Portugal and over the world in online gallery.

-          Sell artworks for many countries, like Portugal, Brazil, Spain, United States, UK, Italy and Holland.


Natalia has a busy schedule of creative, in the year spends about 10 exhibitions. A new exhibition of the artist was held on June 2 and will run until 30 June this year.


A few words about the works of Natalia Gromicho.


When you look at Natalia’s pictures, you begin to understand that the artist puts his soul into every stroke, every smear oil on canvas. Speaking about her work, it is multifaceted. Almost every picture has its philosophical meaning. Here and unusual shapes, and a riot of bright colors.

Here are some of her works, the most interesting and most memorable in our opinion.



You look at this picture and feel for yourself the heat of a hot day, hot air, hot glare of the sun. And this sun beckons ... think, but what is it? There beyond the horizon?
Probably, and you feel the same, maybe the picture gave you the other memorable experience.

There are another couple of artworks where you can see this game - "Hot - Cold"



The first scene perfectly conveys the feeling of the sea surface at night. You shine a flashlight in the deep sea.

Awaiting that there somebody emerges, may be it can be a beautiful mermaid?



From the abstract let’s go to figurative


The name of these pictures from left to right: Homophobia, Farewell, Hermaphrodite.
These works convey a kind of vision of the painter of human relationships and human nature itself. In general, Natalia Gromicho has many works, where represents the people or human silhouettes, resorting to primitive forms. And once again seen a game of cold and warm colors, sharp contrasts, it seems that the artist's paintings are full of contradictions.

Finally, the picture that we liked!


Excellent performance, the transfer of emotion, color.
Look at the picture, and hear how jazz is ...


This was taken from S4 Gallery Art Magazine. Jun 2011  


Interview with Natalia Gromicho in Trofa exhibiotion 21/07/2011



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Article about "Modos de ver" in national newspaper Impresso July 2011




Article about Natália Gromicho work from Russian Art Dealers, on S4 Gallery Art Magazine. Jun 2011




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Live Painting in CAMAJ @ Fogueteiro, Seixal

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Live Painting CAMAJ Fev11









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